Khan & Brothers Ltd.

Our requirement of recruitment documents does not differ much from other recruitment agencies in Bangladesh. To act as your company's recruitment agent, we require the following documents.

The letter of appointment should state that you have appointed us to act as your recruitment agent along with mutually agreed terms and conditions between your company and ours.

Authority Letter or Power of Attorney:

This is a letter by which you authorize us to recruit the personnel. It should be on the recruiting company's (employer) letterhead and duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Embassy of Bangladesh and Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

Demand Letter:

The details of your requirement i.e. Number of workers (Category-wise), Salaries, Period of Contract, Other facilities, etc.


The recruiting company (employer) will need to obtain group visa approval from Ministry of Labor & Home Affairs of their respective country to recruit foreign workers.


Recruitment Documents

Letter of Appointment: